Stacey Honowitz, Prosecutor, Speaker, Author

Stacey Honowitz at the courthouse
Stacey Honowitz is a 34-year veteran of the Florida State Attorney's office and supervisor of the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit. A frequent legal commentator, she’s provided legal analysis for Larry King Live, Good Morning America, Dateline NBC, CNN, CBS News 48 Hours, MSNBC, CNBC, as well as FOX News and Court TV. She's a tenacious litigator who has prosecuted high profile cases in South Florida. When she isn't putting bad guys behind bars, Honowitz works to educate parents and children about child molestation and the importance of reporting abuse as the first step to healing.

Honowitz is a passionate activist and guest lecturer who speaks about child sex abuse, the sensitive nature of these cases, navigation of the criminal justice system, and the critical importance of open and honest communication with children. Time and time again, Honowitz has seen parents struggle to talk to their children about sexual abuse. To faciliate frank discussion, Honowitz authored two books on the subject of molestation specifically meant to be read with young children: My Privates are Private and Genius with a Penis, Don’t Touch. These books make it easy for parents to comfortably and frankly discuss inappropriate touching with their children and teach the importance of speaking up and reporting abuse.

"Regardless of sex, race, religion or socioeconomic status, sexual abuse has no boundaries."
- Stacey Honowitz
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