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Bully Book

Stacey Honowitz, Author

It's not easy to talk to children about sexual abuse. For too long the subject has been treated as almost taboo. But it exists and education is the best defense. That education starts with open communication. Stacey Honowitz created two books to help parents and grandparents speak openly to children about the importance of recognizing and reporting abuse. My Private Parts are Private and Genius with a Penis - Don't Touch! were created to empower children against sexual abuse and teach them the importance of reaching out for help.

Cover of Stacey Honowitz's book - My Privates Are Private Betsy Boodle knows the difference between good touching and bad touching and so will your 3-11 year old daughter, after reading this empowering book. It’s the perfect way for parent and child to discuss the delicate topic of sexual abuse while encouraging open discussion. In a light-handed style, the book teaches young girls not to allow inappropriate touching, the importance of reporting, and having the courage to speak up.

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Bully Book A rhyme book for kids to educate about bullying. Follow Franny Friendly as she explains to kids the importance of reporting bullying.

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"I am grateful for the expertise that Stacey Honowitz provides for my readers. She has the answers for everything related to educating children about the dangers of sexual abuse. Her books serve as timeless reference guides for all parents. "
-Chelsea P. Gladden
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