Stacey Honowitz, Speaker

Stacey Honowitz is an expert on the topics of sex crimes, child pornography, the criminal justice system, and the role the media plays in high profile cases. She works passionately to educate parents, grandparents, and teachers about how to discuss sex abuse with children.

Stacey customizes speaking engagements to fit the needs of every situation. From small private gatherings to group settings at schools, civic organizations or large-scale events, Stacey will captivate your audience. This difficult and uncomfortable topic will be addressed with poise and professionalism leaving attendees empowered with knowledge and tools for the best defense. Contact us for more information.

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"In formal student class reviews Ms. Honowitz’s lectures are always referred to as a highlight of the course."
Dr. Robert C. Grosz, Ed.D., M.S., ACSM
Nova Southeastern University

Stacey Honowitz   ♦   Prosecutor   ♦   Speaker   ♦   Author